For more than 30 years we have been the place to go to when it comes to sexual pedagogy and education in the German-speaking area

We have trained sexual pedagogy experts in Germany, Austria, South Tyrol and Switzerland since 1988. The Institute for Sexual Pedagogy (isp) is managed by an association. All lecturers are members of the non-profit association for the promotion of sexual pedagogy and sexual education (Verein zur Förderung von Sexualpädagogik und Sexueller Bildung e.V.).

We offer a large variety of trainings, seminars as well as workshops and organise lectures, conferences and publications. Our programme is directed at anybody employed in the field of social work and aims at qualifying these people in dealing with sexual education in theory and practice. We always include the most recent research results as well as scientific discourse and value the concept of dynamic content mediation.

Our team is highly committed and we all have many years of training experience for sexual pedagogy and sexual education.

The Mission of the Institute for Sexual Pedagogy (isp)

Promoting sexual empowerment and supporting sexual education processes

The Institute for Sexual Pedagogy is a network of experts on the field of sexual education in German-speaking countries, that share a common idea of sexual education. The aim of the institute has always been to promote sexuality related education, training, concept development and practical counselling through an independent expert institute. Our programme, which we have developed since our founding, serves this purpose.

The purpose of sexual pedagogy and sexual education is to guide and support people on their path to sexual empowerment and responsibility. They offer learning opportunities adolescents and adults to develop such competences that form the basis of sexual maturity. Among others these competences are: knowledge about sexuality, an understanding for the needs of others, reflection on sexual and gender experiences as well as the ability to talk about sexuality and to make conscious choices based on values.

The work of the isp is based on a humanistic-holistic approach with dynamic learning methods. This approach respects the intellect, as well as feelings, senses, body and social relation of the people. Our work is observant of developments of the contemporary sexual culture and includes recent findings from sexology and related disciplines.

As we have got a long tradition of emancipatory sexual pedagogy, the isp clearly takes position on certain socio-political topics. For example, the isp critically opposes any attempts to standardise the shaping of sexuality or to instrumentalise sexual pedagogy for political ends.

Our educational programme

We offer certified trainings (in German) that will qualify you as *sex educator*. You can also participate in open seminars on various topics related to sexual pedagogy.

Our lecturers are happy to come to you. We offer seminars, workshops or conferences as a full package on all topics related to sexual pedagogy. All content is presented in German but can be easily translated into any other language with the help of interpreters.

Furthermore, we give topic related lectures and provide counselling for specific projects and cases. Should you be planning a large-scale project on sexual pedagogy, we would be happy to assist you with the conception and implementation.
We would be happy to advise you on a suitable offer.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.